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What is Crux Conception?

The critical ingredient to Crux Conception is the utilization of one’s everyday people skills. Things we use every day and the reactions we feel when we observe incidents, individuals or surroundings that merely are uncommon.

From police work, hostage negotiation, mental health crisis, teaching, shopping, avoiding a vehicle accident. We all use common scenes, and that is the critical word (scenes), and it allows us to use our perception and judgment regarding everyday issues.

One of the most significant fears facing our society is that of the active shooter. The theory of Crux Conception is to train and educate individuals so that we can better comprehend how to avoid, get ready for, react to, and recuperated from these incidents.

Also, based on their ability to operate independently, this makes the active shooter extremely difficult to detect and disrupt before conducting an attack.
The tenacious landscape of this threat and the anticipation that it will continue to rank as the most likely scenario; public safety & mental health officials will have to contend shortly.

Regardless of motivation, nature of their associated tactics, techniques, and procedures, these individuals pose a serious challenge to the lives of our loved ones.

Crux Conception implements Mental Health, Psychological Profiling (Behavioral Analyzing), and common sense to influence the awareness of law enforcement, civilians, educators and others to affect the outcome of their response.

Further, this highlights the need for law enforcement and mental health officials to share information and the best preparations to prevent and respond to similar/future incidents.

Active shooters typically conduct small, simple, and relatively inexpensive plots with short operational cycles, improving their operational security and enhancing the opportunities for law enforcement and mental health officials to detect the scheme.

Therefore, we will focus on their psychological motivations, in an attempt to identify the emotional precursors.
Crux Conception is not to be confused with Criminal Profiling although there are similar traits regarding its methods.

The critical theory of Crux Conception is the practice of using one’s attentiveness, people, and everyday skills, along with focusing on the psychological aspects of their surroundings.

This method has been used to prevent bullying, suicide attempts and mainly to avoid the actions regarding an active shooter and possible prevention of their fatal actions.

Furthermore, Crux Conception will demonstrate that with the proper preparation, one can evaluate an individual whose psychological profile dictates that they retain the potential to perform an act involving mass casualties.